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Ashtanga Yoga Workshop at Turtagrø

6-9 June 2014
Curious about what yoga has to offer? About the magic world of the Ashtanga Yoga system?Join me for a 4-day intensive at Turtagrø Hotel in the stunning region of western Jotunheimen.

About Me

I was first introduced to yoga during a holiday visit to my grandpa’s birthplace on the west coast of Norway. My dad’s aunt, a traveler and spiritual seeker with a passion for Indian philosophy, had brought yoga back to her native island from her travels in the East.
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Yoga For Outdoor Geeks Part 2: Randonnée Ski Touring

Why yoga and skiing is such an excellent combination. An article originally written for Elephant Journal.

Classes at Romsdal Yoga

imageI have the privilege of teaching at Romsdal Yoga this fall/winter, a lovely yoga studio based in Åndalsnes, Romsdalen, and run by the charming Ingrid Devor. Check out her website and drop by for a class!


My writing for Elephant Journal

image Curious about yoga, organics, sustainability, active citizenship, conscious consumerism, fair fashion etc.? Visit Elephant Journal for a whole lot of musing on what helps us lead a jolly good life.


Katinka Yoga


I teach classes in traditional Ashtanga Yoga as well as creative Vinyasa/Hatha yoga with a strong focus on alignment. Click here for upcoming workshops.

26th Feb 2014
Robert Sturman Photography

Why We Do Yoga: Because It Feels so Good {Video}.

Why do you do yoga? Why do you keep doing it? Why do you love it? The reasons for why we are drawn to yoga are many. Maybe you were...

26th Feb 2014
Robert Sturman Photography

For the Isolated Yoga Teachers: 5 Things You Can Do When Desperate for Inspiration.

 How do you keep your inspiration burning and yoga knowledge growing when studios and teachers are several mountains away? Teaching yoga out in the “bush” has many great aspects. You...

26th Feb 2014
Photo: Back in the Ring

Treating Addiction through Yoga: Junkies Turned Ashtangis in India.

  Why yoga could be a remedy for people struggling with drug addiction. I’ve never been severely addicted to anything in my life. Sure, I do have an abnormal love...

27th Aug 2013
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Practice & Maybe You’ll Find Your Gut.

Remind me, why is it that I practice again…? As part of an Ashtanga teacher training course I am undertaking this year, I had to write a paper on why...